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This is a challenging and rewarding opportunit--

Uhm... okay, let's be real: This is a sh*t-challenging difficult opportunity that requires someone with an iron-sheathed intrapreneurial spirit to carry off.

We're looking for that candidate that has a driving need to realize their own greatness.

We're small company. We're not big enough to be 'plucky' yet, but we're on a solid foundation.

We have 4 exciting (yeah... actually exciting!) concurrent projects as well as some stable base business activities that can minimally pay the bills while we create something truly bold.

Minimal Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated HTML5/CSS3 experience.
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • University degree... Just kidding (though, it's not a bad thing, of course!)   But you DO need to be hard-working, trust-worthy, innovative, activated, and most essentially: inspired

A person who would be successful in this role isn't someone who is looking for a stable 'job', but rather someone who is interested in the carving out their position and making themselves vital to a profitable operation.

F/T or P/T hours available depending on the candidate, their role and/or project.

We're currently targeting an individual who is office-based and can participate in core hours. However, are open to discussion of alternative work arrangements for highly qualified candidates (work from home, digital nomads, etc.)


Minimum wage until such time as demonstrated revenue is being generated. $14/hour. For highly qualified candidates, a success-contingent equity stake in a chosen project may be pre-negotiated.


We aim to foster a work environment that is inspired, pragmatic, inclusive, and lifestyle-aware.

We believe that we can shape the future provided enough coffee is flowing.

This has been a dramatically unorthodox job posting. But is this for you? Let's talk and find out!

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2220 Midland Ave
Unit 96 BR
Toronto, Canada M1P 3E6

P: (416) 691-7997

P: (866) 991-1515 (Best for U.S. Clients)


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